Riskscape staff and management have a combined experience in GIS, actuarial sciences and artificial intelligence. Our teams have impressive credentials in various domains, giving us access to not only leading thinkers in their various disciplines but a synergistic niche combination of skills that is unique in most markets.

Our Team consists of Actuaries, GIS Professionals, Statisticians, Mathematicians and Engineers. The Riskscape team builds solutions based on the intelligent use of geographical information, and spatial and other data. Our solutions maximize value for our customers by applying actuarial, mathematical, and machine learning sciences to our unique spatial information. This provides new insights in the field of geographical data analysis, where additional data obtained from various sources gives us the ability to bring innovative new solutions to the market.

Our experience and knowledge of local demographics across Africa, have helped us to create new solutions in the Know-Your-Customer domain which enables access to financial and mobile services to even the most rural customers. Riskscape believes that our solutions serve as enablers to navigate the many regulatory compliance issues related to Banking and Mobile Operator environments, which are often obstacles to innovation in these and other sectors.

Our Services

Our deep actuarial experience range from Enterprise Risk Management to Financial and non-Financial risk management, including pricing and decision support through analytics. Combining this experience with our GIS skill set, solutions for Big Data environments can effectively be offered.

Spatial Data

  • Global TomTom Data
  • Enhanced Cencus Demographic Data
  • Global Address Data
  • Traffic & Speed Profiles
  • Cadastral Data
  • Building Data – Residential & Commercial
  • Deeds Data

Map Solutions

  • Hosted WMS server
  • Local Hosted Map Servers
  • WEB Browser Thin Client: Search, Routing Geo Fencing
  • Custom Branding
  • Map API's

Geo Solutions

  • GeoCodingReal-time spatial processing from multiple sensors
  • Fleet optimization
  • Telematics Solutions
  • Predictive analytics
  • Spatial complexity analytics
  • Drive Time Analysis
  • Addressing Solutions

Geo Actuarial

  • Actuarial Risk Indexing
  • Causal Risk modelling
  • Insurance Advice
  • Credit Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Price Modelling
  • Model Validation


Specialists in their field, our unique team brings innovation and data to life.

Andries Schutte

Managing Director

Andries is a qualified actuary with extensive 21 years of experience in Financial Risk Management and consulting. He has headed the actuarial and IT department of a life insurer, has been rated a top 5 equity analyst by a leading financial publication, and worked in the UK in life insurance in his earlier career. Andries spent 10 years in actuarial and financial risk consulting. He is a founding partner of Riskscape. Professionally Andries was one of a few actuaries in South Africa who received the coveted Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary qualification based on experience and led a task team for the ASSA on the role of the Chief Risk Officer.

Heinrich Schoombie


Heinrich, a qualified engineer, has a background in corporate management within engineering and technology related ventures. As one of Georigin’s, a South African mapping and navigation company, founding partners, Heinrich served as Technical Director at Georigin and MapIT for nearly 10 years playing a key role in developing a world-class digital mapping and navigation enterprise. Georigin was acquired later partly by Tom Tom BV. Heinrich was responsible for geospatial data production for Africa; his division developed the first auto routable dataset for Sub-Saharan Africa, the expansion of Georigin’s, later TomTom, spatial data coverage into the rest of Africa and the integration of spatial data from partners and suppliers from different African Countries. More recently Heinrich joined Riskscape, where he is working to develop unique rich-multi-layered-dynamic data – based on spatial data, actuarial and big data modelling.

John Dann


John, a qualified town planner, has more than 20 years’ experience in Mapping and Spatial Solution Development. John co-founded and successfully built and managed a number of large corporates in South Africa, MapIT, Georigin and Tele Atlas Africa, the latter being purchased by TomTom. John was primary responsible for managing and developing spatial products for local and international clients: TomTom, NGI, Garmin, various Mobile Operators, various Telematics Corporates etc. John has a particular interest in the development of spatial and analytical solutions; Navigable map product ranges for Garmin and TomTom, Telecommunication specific RF datasets for Mobile Operators etc. John is currently serving as Director and BOD member of both Riskscape and Tom Tom Africa.

Our Partners

With key Spatial partners including TomTom and GTI, Riskscape is able to combine local expertise with global data and insights.

Specialized Equity Partners


RiskMetrix is a niche company focused on delivering client centric statistical solutions. We specialize in development of statistical inference metrics for use in decision support, pricing and risk measurement.

RiskMetrix enables improvement in data and analytical solutions through the embedment of various controls and automated assurance during the processing and management of analytical and data processes.

Our service offerings focus on the following key corner stones:

  • Data management
  • Computer sciences and algorithm design
  • Data Mining and statistics


CAGR Asset Management is a newly founded boutique asset management company that offers P2P investments and structured institutional investment products.

P2P SMME investments

Our platform offers finance against orders and invoices to ease the cash flow constraints faced by SMMEs. The loans are completely secured and repayable from identifiable cash flows of large corporate South Africa. We exploit this feature and by using our internally developed credit rating algorithms, we are able to map the riskiness of SMME loans to rating agency scales. We believe that this will breach the communication barrier around the riskiness of SMME loans. Further benefit of a P2P approach is that it allows for risk sharing, transparent investment process, and since its embedded on a web platform, it is able to reach a much broader pools of investors and SMMEs. Our investors are indemnified against fraud but are exposed and rewarded for the credit risk exposure.

Structured Institutional Investment Products

We employ our strong quantitative background and investments knowledge to offer quantitatively driven investment strategies targeted at institutional investors. Our investment process has a preference towards the use of derivatives as they allow for efficient capital allocation. At the same time, we are a risk averse business which is thanks to the extensive time spent in risk management during our careers.

Cognitive Risk Systems

Cognitive Risk Systems is an entity jointly owned by Riskscape and Cognitive Systems. Cognitive Risk Systems combines and use IP from Riskscape and Cognitive Systems to provide disruptive machine learning solutions in big data environments. The Artificial Mind Engine (TM) technology allows for an integrated suite of agent-based components and utilities in a state-of-the-art streaming cognition engine, empowering users in the Internet of Things, by making environments and objects able to behave as agents with minimum human intervention. It thus takes intelligent decisions on behalf of users. Our unique position in cognitive mapping combines ‘when, where, what, how and why’

CRS adds significantly to Riskscape’s ability to disrupt dated and legacy business models and systems, and enhances Riskscape’s ability to provide fungible solutions to its clients.